How to spot a cruelty free brand


At times it can be hard to tell which brands are actually cruelty free, as more often than not, companies will mislead us with generic statements and false claims. Here’s a little run down of the ways in which you can spot which brands are actually cruelty free.

Selling in China

By law, China requires animal testing on all beauty products, so if a company sells there, then you can guarantee that their products have been tested on animals at some point. Companies that do this include Avon, Mac and Estee Lauder.  My Beauty Bunny  features a full list of brands that are currently sold in China.

Their parent company

Many of the big-name ‘parent companies’ test both ingredients and final products on animals. Whilst brands like Urban Decay and The Body Shop are technically cruelty-free, any money given to them is funding their parent company L’Oreal, which is not.

Their claims

Often companies will say they never test final products on animals, but avoid mentioning if ingredients have been tested on them. Companies like Avon state that they will test on animals ‘when required by law’.

The Leaping Bunny logo

If in doubt, you can always rely on the Leaping Bunny Logo, which can be usually be found on the product. Companies can gain access to the logo after paying a one-time licensing fee, and it gives consumers peace of mind that the product is cruelty-free.


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