Will Japan go cruelty free?

Shoppers and tourists pass by a Shiseido shop in Ginza on September 19, 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.

As one of the second biggest cosmetics markets in the world, Japan appears to be feeling the pressure to go cruelty free.

European companies have already made the switch, after passing a law, in 2013, which states that no cosmetics within the EU can be tested on animals.

Advertisements targeting Japanese make up brands for animal testing have already started to appear, in hopes that the country can adopt a similar ban to the EU and start holding its cosmetics companies to a more ethical standard.

European firms hope to reach an anti-animal testing agreement with Japan that will benefit both countries. The Be-Cruelty free campaign has brought awareness to the issue, with campaigners taking samples of cruelty-free products to politicians.

The EBC have also demanded alternatives to animal testing be recognised, and for Japan to honour its commitment to animal welfare and protecting the environment.

It’s unclear right now as to whether or not Japan will go completely cruelty free, but it seems that they are making steps in the right direction.


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